“A place of true support!”

When I started my journey to recovery, I felt so lost. This house gave me a since of community and for that I will be forever grateful. This is a place of true support!

— D. I.

Guest Resident

“Make the commitment for yourself.”

Seeking help was the hardest thing I have had to do. The Glass House community made the process easier. Make the commitment to yourself to get better.

— M. B. 

Guest Resident

Working for The Glass House has been such a positive experience. As a professional in the field, I work with the women to provide support and to help the women build self-esteem, positive coping skills, and resilience. It has been a pleasure working with Christi and Rick as well as their staff. 

— J.A. 

Social Worker


“Everything I wanted and more.”

I lived at the Glass House 5 years ago. I had lost everything and now I have a job, a car, and my children back. My family and I have been able to go to holidays with my family again. This house gave me a strong foundation to recovery. This was everything I wanted and more. 

— P.Q.

Guest Resident


I have been able to make unforgettable and long lasting friendships with the women at the Glass House. 

— M.L.


Guest Resident

“A fresh start”

I was a manager at one of the houses several years ago. The Glass House gave me the support I needed to have a fresh start. I have been sober for years now and am now working in the field of recovery and mental health. 

— T.L

Past Guest Resident and House Manager

“This house saved my daughter's life”

As a parent you want what is best for your children. This house gave my daughter resources that I was not able to find other places. Relapse after relapse has been exhausting for us and our family but the Glass House provided us with new hope. This house saved my duaghter's life.  

— C.B.

Parent of Guest Resident