Individuals share a large home with other adult women maintaining or transitioning to a life of sober living.


  • New applicants will be welcomed once they have an adequate number of days clean and sober and are actively attending at least four (4) Twelve Step Meetings per week.
  • New residents will structure their stay in cooperative conformity with House rules, routines, chores and follow procedures for safety.
  • Residents will be considerate of other members of the household.
  • Members of the household will only smoke in designated outside areas.
  • A list of acceptable medications for chemically dependent persons is posted in a common area. If at any time you test positive on an alcohol or drug screening test, you will be asked to leave the premises by the Owner or House Manager.

* For complete residency expectations, download The Glass House Residency Expectations Acknowledgment Form & The Glass House Application Form.


  • Willingness and motivation
  • Toiletries and caddy
  • Food
  • Cell phone
  • Car (registration and proof of insurance)
  • Bike lock or personal bike 
  • Books and pictures
  • Alarm clock
  • Laundry basket
  • Personal laptop computer (House Computer is provided)
  • Bath towels
  • Bedding is provided, but residents may choose to bring their own.